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Kanji ロシュ
Rōmaji Roshu
Also Known As Nii-san (by the orphans)
Physical and Vital Information
Status Alive
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 174 cm
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Purple
Current Wodon
Professional Statistics
Occupation Tipster and Journalist
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown
Anime Episode 6
Voice Actors
Japanese Ryohei Kimura

Roche (ロシュ Roshu) is a respectable journalist who loves money and women.


Roche has messy purple hair. He wears a Black shirt which is covered by a Red jacket with a white collar and Green pants with knee length boots. He also wears a yellow scarf and silver necklace.


Roche is a type of man who would do anything for money but is caring and considerate inside, this is shown when he happened to Angelique on the streets after she ran away from Sally and Hannah as she was upset about her best friends refusing to accept the truth (the fact was that the Jinx machines were destroying many people's homes and even taking away some lives in the process of destroying Thanatos) that he wanted to cheer her up when he saw just how upset she was. He has never taken photos without receiving a payment for them, but he took pictures of Angelique saying that before he realized it as he already pressed the capture button in Episode 9.



In Episode 6, Roche seemed really desperate in taking a picture of "The Queen's Egg", only thinking of the money but in Episode 9, he sent the photos he took of Angelique - which he had originally intended to sell to Bernard for money - to Angelique herself. This was done out of kindness when he realized that Angelique, like himself, was an orphan and he didn't feel that he should sell her information to others. He, however, did not regret making that decision and was a bit confused and surprised at himself as that was the first time he had taken photos of people without monetary uses. He always kept a picture of her which was then taken by Nyx in Season 2.


Roche sells pictures and tips to Bernard, a reporter from Wodon Times. In Season 2, they are always seen together where they never lost hope and they kept looking for Angelique.

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