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Biographical Information
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Also known as Eren (By Rayne)
Age 14
Status Alive
Location Arcadia
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Reddish Pink
Professional Status
Occupation Scientist
Personal Status
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Voice Actors
Japanese Miyu Irino

 Erenfried is a scientist that works at the Artifact Foundation and bears deep hatred for Rayne because Rayne always got the attention of others. Although Erenfried is also smart, everyone only praises Rayne.


Erenfried has light maroon hair. He has golden colored eyes and wears eyeglasses. He is always wearing his uniform.


Erenfried is very hard working. He always does his best to try and beat Rayne  to get Director Yorgo to approve of him. He basically considered Rayne his rival. In the First Season, he was shown with a stingy attitude and had a desire to be superior.